Take Control of your work life. Look at an Alternative way of working. Deliver a lifestyle that you want.


You can take Control of your work life.

You just need to look at an Alternative way of working.

For it to Deliver a laptop lifestyle that you want.


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Welcome to Ctrl Alt Del: Yourself a Digital Working Life. You have found us because we only advertise this business on specific adverts to a specific audience like you! The person who wants to think differently about their future, and career in life.

You probably were browsing the Internet and used certain ‘keywords’ to make your search. In essence that is what this business is all about. Finding key people (like you) who are looking to start or move over in setting-up your own Online Affiliate Marketing Business, by promoting other businesses products or services in return for a commission% payout.

SFM (Six Figure Mentors), is the Business Platform where novices & experts alike can access a Digital Business Suite of Training & Tools to get your own Online Affiliate Marketing Business up & running with-in 7 days. And you have no geographical ties as long as you have an Internet Connection and a computer your half-way there. That’s why we have been popular with stay at home parents, students & those that want to top-up their household income.

See for yourself, by watching our complimentary 7-day Video Series: and discover how the Digital Economy we live in makes it possible to live, work and run a business from anywhere in the world. We can provide you with all the tools of this proven business system.


Do you want a Digital Working Life?

Whether you already have an Online Business, we can help boost your skills in promoting your existing Business, or if you have always wanted to set-up your own Online Business and try something new. See Who Can Do This?

Training videos

Training Videos

SFM provide all proven Digital Business platforms, where you will be provided with all the Video Training to understand the whole concept and process to do this all yourself. Earning whilst your learning!

Step-by-step training

Step-by-step Training

We provide an easy to follow module training for all of our affiliates – enabling you to get the best out of our proven system.

Proven Business Tools

Proven Tools & Tips

We share all the Professional Tools & Tips with you to get your Online Business started. Your success is our success.

Free tools

Access to Products

We guide you in the promotion of your business. If you do not have any product of your own, we will provide access to products which you can instantly start selling online for yourself, not by yourself.


Begin Your Journey With Us

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