Behind the start of Laptop Life and what we stand for

"If you DO what you've always done. You'll GET what you've always got."

laptop life

Paul Boorman
SFM Elite+ Digital Entrepreneur & Online Business Owner


Welcome! This is where you can take Control of your work life. Look at an Alternative way of working. Deliver a lifestyle you want!

We're looking for a few good people who want to work & earn part-time, at home (anywhere) with our established Digital Marketing Tools & Support from our team.

If your looking to do this full-time or even part-time this could be the right business model you've been looking for!

I personally work on this business part-time, whilst holding down a full-time job, and a 5-year-old son. Instead of watching the television after putting my son to bed, I can take back control by working on my business and earning an extra income which is very useful in this day and age!

Online Marketing is growing every year, with nearly 3 billion users online. This is a huge Marketplace and audience.


I enjoy supporting other people like yourself, who are seeking to start a business online, enabling them to run and build from a computer anywhere in the world.  For any business to work, you must be able to dedicate some time,  money to learn the necessary skills - don't worry the SFM tools and training got myself up-to-speed within several days via the Online training and support from the experts in this industry.

For me, freedom is the most important thing. No boss, I manage my own diary to dedicate to my home-based business. This means there is no alarm clock or chasing customers and budgets for someone else's business. My aim is to work with like-minded people to achieve the same.


My aim for 2018 & beyond is to support and help ten's of other like-minded Entrepreneurs, through our Online Training & continual support. Don't let tomorrow be another day that you pass-by an opportunity such as this. Seize the moment and join the rest of us doing this business part-time & full-time.


We as Digital Entrepreneurs get paid commission as consultants by recommending and reselling products and services they trust and use themselves from other companies through their Affiliate Marketing Programmes.

If you haven't done so already access our Free Video Series explaining more about What we do, how we do it, and how you get paid.


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