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The Business Tools

The Business Tools

When you join SFM, you will have access to our whole range of Business Tools to get your Online Business up & running. So whether you want to generate more Leads for your own Business, or promote the SFM Business model you will have all the templates provided for you. We can guide you in the promotion of your business however & wherever you want to take it.

The Business Tools for the Online Marketer


Simple Lead Capture

Simple Lead Capture is the simplest and quickest way to create high converting lead capture pages, that you can create in under 5 minutes. You can use this tool for your own custom lead capture pages. When someone creates their free account anytime they use the tool they will see your banner and you will build your list! Get it here!

Graphix Creator

An important add-on which is part of the DBL suite is Graphix Creator, allowing amateur designers out there to create stunning visuals to compliment your website and banner ads you plan to create.

Simple Trakk

SimpleTrakk allows you to track all your advertising and campaigns under one portal. So you know which ads are returning the Return on investment, and gives you all the statistics to be able to duplicate this for other campaigns.

Digital Business Lounge

The Digital Business Lounge is your one-stop shop for when you start, with Step-by-Step Video Training from the experts at SFM, providing you with an easy to follow module training – enabling you to get the best out of our proven system and access to WordPress 101 to design your Online Business from scratch along with the Marketing Tools to promote it. Get the whole package including all of the above here.